The gentle way to top quality

Gentle regrind processing for highest recycled pellet quality. For the new end product this means: top functional characteristics and a high recycled pellet content.

Pure performance

The high-performance EREMA Laserfilter removes undesired impurities particularly effectively

The universal machine

Wide variety of regrind types under perfect control – without screw exchange, with consistently high capacities. So you remain as flexible as possible!


The gentle Way

The gentle way to success in regrind recycling


Are you looking for the ultimate way of producing top recycled pellets from thick-walled regrind? For end products with best performance properties and a particularly high recyclate content? The new INTAREMA® RegrindPro® offers the ideal solution: extremely gentle processing in combination with high-performance filtration. A true material all-rounder so you remain as flexible as possible. RegrindPro®. Go the gentle way.